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free shipping plus 18x18 gift bag on orders over $150.00


Feel calm, focused and manage stress

Many individuals struggle with stress and anxiety; especially those on the autism spectrum and other special needs.  What is anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, unease or worry. Anxiety happens naturally but some people experience it more than others.   

Those who like to pull at their hair, bite their nails or chew their pencil tops, shake their leg, flap their hands, spin around, pinch or squeeze things are just a few behaviors in response to anxiety.

Sensory toys are a favored, medication free alternative that have proven to reduce stress and provide a sense of calm and security. There are several fidget toys with sensory appeal that aim to reduce anxiety such as things you can press, click, squeeze, squish, roll, smell, spin, manipulate or stretch. Such items offer alternate stimulation to the nervous system; easing sensory seeking behaviors.

We offer many toys and products that can help to minimise the stress on both the child and their parents.